LMDC records

LMDC records


Video selection:

The candidate must appear in full on the video. Video and audio editing is strictly prohibited. 


  • 15-20mn: One or more works of your choice in solo (without accompaniment). At least 10 minutes of your video should be the program of your cd project.

Eligibility criteria:

- No age or nationality limit

- Present a program of your choice of solo cd (without accompaniment) from 50 to 60 minutes

- Play the following instrument:

  • Accordion

  • Alto

  • Clarinet

  • Harpsichord

  • Flute

  • Guitar

  • Oboe

  • Piano

  • Pianoforte

  • Violin

  • Cello


On the registration page:

1-Click on your instrument

2-Fill in the criteria: Name and first name, age, nationality, telephone, email, Youtube link (s).

3-Write your disc program in English or French with all the timing information, opus etc. (50 to 60 minutes maximum)

4-Pay your registration

5-You will receive an automatic confirmation email. If you received it, you have registered. Please do not contact us to ask for confirmation if you have received the automatic email because the association secretariat is working on its spare time. Of course if you do not receive it, contact us .