Lending Competition 1° - 2020

Seah Jeong, violonist
Category 3/4: 1st named
Sunyoul Choi, violinist
Category 4/4: 1st named
Yeri Roh, violonist
Category 4/4: 2nd named
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Paris Music Competition 1° - 2019
The 10 Honors Awards

Edward Walton, violonist
Maxime Quennesson, cellist
You Jee-In, cellist
Jérémy Garbarg, cellist
Franck Russo, clarinetist
Yan Mařatka, clarinetist
Xiaoya Liu, pianist
Andrzej Wiercinski, pianist
Yoko Ishikura, violonist
Dominik Wagner, double bassist
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LMDC 2° - 2019

Anne Derouard, soprano
Singing: 1st prize
ZhiPeng Li, baritone
Singing: 2nd prize
Leonor Robert, soprano
Singing: 3rd prize
Gonçalo Nova, trombone
Grand artists: 1st prizes
Iris Scialom, violin
Grand artists: 2nd prize
Moeka Ueno, pianist
Grand artists: 3d prize
Edward Walton, violin
Young Artists: 1st grand prize
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LMDC 1° - 2018

Sébastien Perez, tuba
Grand competition: 1st prize
Rachel Sintzel, violin
Instruments: 1st prize
Keigo Takakura, pianist
Improvisation: 1st prize
Esel Kim, soprano
Singing: 1st prize
Jaemin Park, trumpet
Young talents: 1st prize
Mateusz Makuch, violin
Grand competition: 2nd prize
Katarzyna Szydlowska, violin
Instruments: 2nd prize
Momoko Kanazawa, mezzo-soprano
Singing: 2nd prize
Masanori Enoki, pianist
Improvisation: 2nd prize
Elizabeth Russel, flute
Young talents: 2nd prize
Hana Wakamatsu, violin
Grand competition: 3rd prize
Gonçalo Nova, trombone
Young talents: 3rd prize
Yaeram Park, flute
Instruments: 3rd prize
The duet, saxophone and piano
Improvisation: 3rd prize
Pauline Djian, soprano
Singing: Special mention
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