LMDC records

July 29: Arrival
July 30: CD 1 Rehearsal
July 31: CD 1 rehearsal
August 1: Recording
August 2: Rest day
August 3: CD 2 rehearsal
August 4: CD 2 rehearsal
August 5: Recording
August 6: Rest day
August 7: CD 3 rehearsal
August 8: CD 3 rehearsal
August 9: Recording
August 10: Rest day
August 11: CD 4 rehearsal
August 12: CD 4 rehearsal
August 13: Recording
August 14: Rest day
August 15: CD 5 Rehearsal
August 16: CD 5 rehearsal
August 17: Recording
August 18: Rest day
August 19: CD 6 rehearsal
August 20: CD 6 rehearsal
August 21: Recording
August 22: Rest day
August 23: CD 7 rehearsal
August 24: CD 7 rehearsal
August 25: Recording
August 26: Rest day
August 27: CD 8 Rehearsal
August 28: CD 8 rehearsal
August 29: Recording
August 30: Rest day
August 31: Return journey

Each CD is realized and recorded over three days, the first two days are devoted to rehearsals, the third to recording. On the evening of the third day, the orchestra may be asked to perform a concert of its program. This concert is also recorded and filmed at the request of the laureates (fees to be paid in advance). A rest day is planned every three days.


Each soloist is committed to play as a soloist on his/her CD and as a tuttist in the orchestra for the other seven CDs over the period from 28 July to 31 August 2021. The soloists will not play in the orchestra for the 2nd part and the 3rd part of their CD. Their presence is mandatory throughout the project. If one of the musicians is absent, the contract signed between the two parties will define the terms of the dispute.


Conductors and composers must be present four days during the month of August 2021 for the recording, they will be notified of the date in January 2021, however they must plan to be available for a maximum number of days (at least 21 in the month of the event).

Project postponed due to Covid-19