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Dear readers,


The association Les Musicales du Centre aims to promote artists through the organization of competitions and concerts. Since 2016 the association organizes two competitions: a competition in the Loir-et-Cher with more than 200 candidates and a competition on the internet with 300 candidates.


Some figures about the association:

  • + more than 500 candidates

  • 37 laureates 

  • 10 concerts produced

  • + more than 60 artists employed

  • + more than 30,000 euros in prize money

The next two years will mark an unprecedented turning point in the association Les Musicales du Centre. First of all, the association has just acquired a full violin end 18th from Mirecourt school worth 10.000€, a 3/4 study violin and a Stephan Lefebvre bow worth 3.000€ for a full size violin. A new Instrument Lending Competition has been created and will allow the winner to lend a quality instrument for a period of two years.

We intend to enlarge our collection of instruments to allow as many people as possible to play on quality instruments.


In a second step, we have just created the LMDC records. With the participation of the OSB - Orchestre Symphonique de Blois, we will record 8 records in August 2021 with 23 new laureates. This project will run for 34 days with 3 days devoted to each record. You will find on each CD 3 laureates: a soloist musician, a creation by a composer and the conductor. The cost of such a project is 400.000 euros, however to cut the costs in half, the association has decided to requisition 7 of the 23 laureates, the solo musicians. These seven musicians will play in the symphony orchestra of Blois when they will not be recording their own CD. It will therefore be a collaborative project also allowing a very high quality orchestral level. These CDs will be offered for free on the digital platforms Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, YouTube and will be a real springboard for our laureates. For this unique project, never realized before, the association needs volunteers, many volunteers to prepare the arrival of our future laureates, to welcome them, to comfort them in moments of doubt, to manage the organization of the concerts that we will organize during this month of August as well as many other things. I invite any of you who would like to help us to offer their services.


Hildegarde Fesneau

Artistic Management